Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday: Not wordless, but singing? Yep!

Giving you a quick glimpse of the song we sang on Sunday with our Worship band (special music). I know I've posted many times on here, Keifer singing....and now Kyla decided SHE wanted to join us in front and sing, too.
You can REALLY hear K1 belt it out during the chorus and I know you'll be able to also hear that OFF KEY Kyla singing, as well! I couldn't have K2 stand near me, because then I couldn't keep MY tune! LOL


And.... a few quick snapshots of Keifer w/her beloved Nana & Papa who came down to help me this weekend  and then of K2, who loves to color during church!  
**and FYI, K2 picked out her OWN outfit that day!**

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