Saturday, October 26, 2013

Then and Now: The Pumpkin Picking (Pumpkin Patch!)

A collage of then and now:
Mama and the girls.  Well, attempts to get the girls and I in one picture.
 (and FYI, if you separately click on the pics, they will enlarge for you to see details (closer up) 
 This is from today.
Four attempts at one stinking picture. Keifer was being her HAM self in the background and when Kyla finally SEMI-looked at the camera, of course, Keifer wasn't
 The girls and the Ghost- 3 years running
 Kyla in 2011 and Kyla today, 2013 - slimmer, smaller looking head, but same size pumpkin :) And cute boots, too, of course!
 K2 riding some pumpkins - I LOVE the look of the sky in this one
 These make me laugh- Kyla giggling at the Ghost Board

K1 riding some pumpkins in 2011 

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