Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not -so-Wordless Wednesday: Good Gosh, that Panda Bear Gets Around!

K2's Panda Pal from her preschool class was supposed to come home with her Thursday afternoon, until her return to class yesterday (Tuesday). Well, mommy didn't know that Panda's bag was for me to grab as well at pick up, and it wasn't until we were warm at home that we heard the "gasp" of Kyla, wondering where Panda was? So.....Daddy forgot to pick up Friday, so poor Panda spent the weekend in K2's locker at school: quiet, dark and probably PEACEFUL. (That poor Panda goes from home to home of the kids! Imagine his little brain of activity!)

So we picked him up Monday, and Panda spent a hurried, busy and exciting night with us.......and we wrote all about it, along with these pictures, in his "notebook" of adventures...............

The poor Pup Pups were traumatized that something this small and cute might take their place in K2's heart (never fear, doggies!)

 He got a "dry bath" (according to K2)
 Silly dinner time antics with the older sissy. 
 K2 said Panda loved "brownie bites" (pretend, you know?)

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