Monday, October 21, 2013

Soccer Star

Our gorgeous girl's first year playing soccer! She LOVED IT!! After the first practice, she piped up from the backseat: "Mom? Can I sign up for soccer? I really DO LIKE IT A LOT!"
I had to let her know that yes, that was her practice, not a trial run,and she was signed up.
I have to say that her soccer games were the most fun I've had in quite some time! I really turned into a screeching banshee mom on the sidelines! LOL It was pure entertainment. But, I like to think I was very supportive (aka I wasn't screaming to "kill" the other girls, or "crush them"; in fact, I made sure to let both teams of girls know they were doing a great job of TRYING!).

Our pretty girl! Loving her pink uniform!
 At one of her first practices! Her pony tails are so goofy looking (on her big head! LOL)
One of her BFFs, and our neighbor!
Pics from our last game last weekend. It started getting chilly (we were lucky to have really nice weather this Fall; with the exception of ONE Saturday of drizzle & rain, it was so nice!)

Our girl is the one with the pink sweatshirt -her back is to us- with the little pony and short hair
 K1 is 3rd from left, next to the girl in the red shirt
 Ball out!
 Crooked! eek!
 And our girl is on the left - it's fun to watch these games. Keifer naturally seemed to gravitate towards a "defense" role, so here she was, ready and waiting to stop the ball! She slowly but surely improved over the 2 months of playing!
Kick it! Kick it!
 And a few of her friends from her team (and little sissy in the back); these are a few of the girls from her school. It was fun to mixed with other girls from other schools, as well!

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