Thursday, August 08, 2013

Vacation- July 2013- Colorado, Part 1

Hard to believe it's been over 2 weeks since we left on an airplane for our Family Reunion trip in Colorado. Whew. Time just goes too fast, repeat repeat repeat! LOL Seems like we've been planning this trip forever, and suddenly, it was upon us, and we were there, and then we were home, with 2/5 suitcases full of the dirty laundry to prove it!
We left on a Tuesday morning, at a decent time (no 3AM wake ups for this family!).
We hung out in the airport, and K1 decided to spend a $1 of her money on a chair massage. Her money, her lesson. She loved it.
We flew out, with the girls and I in the row right ahead of cousins Abby, Mason and Auntie Jill. CJ and his brother sat in front of me and the girls.
 Perfect - only an hour and twenty minute flight and we were there!
We hung out at the car rental place for a bit, HA HA, and picked up our car for the week.  Then, it was travel to the hotel, where CJ's parents were already checked in.   Kyla was So excited to see her Papa Jim!!
CJ, his brother and his parents went to a Colorado Rockies game, while me, Jill, and the kids stayed back at the hotel and swam for a bit. 
Flowers in their hair! Courtesy of the planters at the hotel and Kyla!
Wednesday AM: I worked out (the only day!) and we had our breakfast. Then, CJ and his family wanted to hit Boulder for some tourist stuff.  I have 3 friends from my online message board (the one I met my egg donor on?) who live in that area, so we were texting, Facebook messaging, and calling each other, trying to figure out how to meet on a Wednesday afternoon, and where! Easier said than done, right?
Kyla dressed and ready to go, said to me, after I requested that she let me clean out her ears, "No! You can't clean my ears unless you APPRECIATE me!"
Oh, K2, we do appreciate you!
One of my friends was able to meet in a park with her 2 children, and we were off. The crew dropped me and my girls off, and I got to meet and hug and chat endlessly for a few hours with Caroline (of the Ruby Loves fame, I've used her for gifts several times, and she is amazing with her work, FYI)
We met, and I loved her instantly!
   Our girls (K1 and Ruby) are only 3 months apart in age. Ruby insisted her animal be posed for the picture! Love it!
 My 2 beauties! Of course, I was gasping for Kyla's safety!
And the group of us.  Caleb, Ruby, Caroline, me, K2 and K1. 
 Caroline had a friend at the park (so sweet!) who had 3 children, the youngest being this gorgeous baby girl, whom Keifer absolutely swooned over. Yes, she made me sad we aren't having any more, the way she doted on that baby girl.

Afterwards, we hit up Old Chicago for a late afternoon pizza snack (mac and cheese for Kyla) and Keifer took control of my phone!
A picture of her new friend next to her.
Caleb, smart and sweet, and oh-so handsome!
And gorgeous C!
Of course, we had to get Ruby's animal!
And Kyla!
And I honestly have NO idea how K1 did this!!!
My personal RAIN MAN favorite!
And Keifer had a slew of selfies. I could do a huge post of her self pictures! LOL
Alas, it was too soon, and CJ and the family stopped by to pick us up, and it was back to the hotel to get prepared to go to dinner at his cousin Nikki's house (in Denver).  So much fun was had that night!

Coming up- We travel to Red Rocks and Keystone!

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