Thursday, August 08, 2013

What's for Lunch?

It's that time again!  *sobbing internally!*
Time to panic because we have school supplies to buy (because I never do it ahead of time, that would make too much sense), and what to do about lunches.

Last year, K1 was in Kindergarten (full day) and most days, we let her eat the hot lunch options. She LOVED the school lunches, and I will say I was happy that the schools around her did undergo some significant changes, in terms of being more "healthy" conscientious. However, spending a few days eating lunch at her school, I was not happy about all the chicken nuggets they provided- or chicken, for that matter. Yes, it's cheaper, and easier, and more kids like, but it seems like every other day it was "chicken" disguised or renamed something else. NOT that I'm opposed to it - I just wonder how "healthy" the breaded frozen chicken is, you know?  And it's not like I'm totally insanely anti-frozen chicken nuggets. Just wondering. I will say, I was proud of K1's choices-she took all that was offered, and the days I visited, she DID eat the entire lunch plate, as did her girl friends. It was interesting that quite a few boys around her/us were too busy fooling around to eat.  K1 also did take a lunch to school on some days, and she had to take her lunch the prior year, in Preschool.

I found that when she needed a lunch 2 x a week ALWAYS- I was obsessed with making sure her choices were fun, cute and healthy!  Her preschool teacher actually made a comment to me about how healthy her lunches were, which made me beam, as you can imagine. LOL. Lots of cute sandwich patterns, cut up fruits and veggies, and of course, some sort of NOTE to remind her I love her!

And I do have to share, that I know she loved her school lunches, and ALL the lunch ladies knew my Kindergartner She apparently made an impression on them; she told me she asked one of them, "hey, who is the chef because this ** (food - can't remember) is AWESOME!"

That's my girl! LOL.  She also was pretty touched when she wore a new scarf from Nana Dian to school, and she proudly told me, "one of the lunch ladies told me my scarf was so pretty!". It's amazing the LITTLE things that make an impression.  I reminded my sweet girl, that no matter what, always be thankful to the workers at her school, because they are the ones who work hard to make sure she gets fed, and takes care of her. I am pretty sure that message got through, but I always like to remind her!

So I came across this link for school lunch ideas, and though, I should share with you readers....not sure exactly of what is all offered, but it's so NICE to think about side the box and have resources on those "not so imaginative" nights or mornings, when you need to pack something up!

So what do YOU pack for YOUR child's lunches, if you do so? Any fun ideas?

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