Friday, August 09, 2013

Red Rocks, Red Rocks - Colorado Trip- on the way up the mountain......

Part two of our vacation to Colorado!
On our way out of Denver, and up to the Keystone area, we stopped at Red Rocks. I had heard of Red Rocks, but never really knew what it entailed.
Super cool place! What a gorgeous piece of land, and preserved so nicely.
I would love to see a concert here- what sound! What beauty! Nature the way God intended it!
The girls weren't all that impressed, but we were!
We did the pictures outside, and then toured the "hall of fame" downstairs, where all the people who have ever played there were listed, and they had concern videos playing. Super cool for a music girl like me!
 Mama & her girls! 
 Windy family pictures!  Kyla doesn't like to pose!

 A real dinosaur footprint. Kyla was pretty enthralled with it- as was I! SO cool! Real, actual history!

And a real jawbone from a REAL dinosaur! Jurassic park, you think? LOL
Afterwards, we stopped for lunch and the girls had some Wendy's with their Nana Margie!

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