Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Wanna ROCK (rock!)

So if you haven't heard (in our real life or Facebook), K1 started guitar. Yep, she loves it. 
We initially started with some Little Wing classes at the SOR, but after half a year, her instructor told us she is "more than ready" for lessons.  When she asked K1, "when you see yourself on stage, you are playing the ....." and immediately, Keifer said, "GUITAR!"
So guitar it is!

We were able to start with a trial lesson, as she is only 6 and who knew if she' d really like it.
Well, she loved it. The below picture is of her leaving her first lesson with her cool-as-heck teacher, Mike. I do think he was a tich impressed that she knew the name of every part of her instrument (Thanks to the Little Wing classes!). The girl has rhythm, tone, and an innate ability to "just get it". She was plucking away at a song within 10 minutes, and after 30 minutes, she had 2 songs and one chord down.  So we set up her lessons!

This was her, going into her first official lesson (paying, that is).  We found her a mini-Squier electric guitar at Music-Go-Round, along with a small used amp and chord, and we are set.  We do need a tuner, now!! LOL
So far, we have been practicing (oh yes, we, as in her and I, as I feel like her coach!), 3 chords and the 2 songs. She complains that her fingers get "so sore" after pushing them on the strings but I told her to "buck up" and get used to it. Then I sing her Bryan Adams, but I know she doesn't get it!
So here's hoping she continues to love it! She certainly has picked up on her strumming and reading music along with strumming!  Who knows where she's going to be making her rock debut someday?

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