Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Free Membership this month......and an incentive for you!

Oh my goodness! NOW! Now is the time to order something if you haven't already become a member of Shaklee!!  July is JOIN FREE (no member fee, $19.95) and from here on out, you'll get member pricing and...possible additional discounts on specific items if you put them on auto ship.
I originally started as a customer, and moved to a Distributor because of the significant CHANGES I saw once I started their


The first product I tried was the Joint Health Relief. Does it work? Um, YES! And since I started, I've gotten other people hooked on it, and my own Chiropractor uses it for people! It's THAT GOOD! 
I also fell in love with the
Get Clean Cleaning line, as it helped get my girl K1 off her nebulizer (hasnt' used it SINCE I changed my cleaning products and laundry products!).  Think about it: your skis is your largest organ on your body- everything you touch or smell, or come in contact with, is absorbed through your skin to your insides/blood stream. That includes the SHEETS and PILLOWCASES you sleep on at night- so can you see why changing laundry products (especially those TOXIC Dryer sheets) was so significant to me?

I've also changed many lives in my year with the Get Clean line! And I'm proud to say that!
And my own K1 and K2 take their daily "Flu Fighter".  Without these, we'd be at the doctor a lot more! I paid $200 in co pays in one month over a year ago; this past year, we only had a few fevers and whenever they got a snuffly nose, I upped the dose of the Increditives and we never got a full blown cold, not ONCE! Can you believe it?  They are the first children's multivitamin that are ALL NATURAL ( no artificial sugar crap!) and contain lactoferrin, which is a proven (yes, in a study) flu fighter! They help the immune system!  Not to mention the immune system supplements that I TAKE as a teacher! Whoa, I was even healthier! :)

I'm also proud to say that I've changed many lives with Stress Relief, the 180 products, and other supplements. I love their shampoo line, and we have a scalp treatment like no other! Losing your hair? I have the product for YOU!  I've changed my own skin with the skin care line, and OMG, if you are interested in becoming a distributor, NOW is the time to join MY TEAM! Not only do we help provide ALL the support (you'll never do this alone) but you get over $1K in products for just $599!! Besides your own business and web page, and products, where else can you get that for that price??? Just for July- so hurry and message me NOW to get started!!  I am SO excited to share these amazing products with you!

Shaklee is over 57 years old, and has the research and clinical studies that PROVE they are really what they say they are!!! Let's RUN with this!!

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