Sunday, July 14, 2013

All work and no play? Nah!

I love love love love LOVE (have I mentioned I LOVE) being a Distributor with Shaklee, alongside my beloved FULL TIME job of being an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (and a MOMMY, of course), and last week, one of our up line ladies was in town for meetings.

We had a blast and to think we are boring, "all natural" product sellers, well....we had a great time going out for a margarita or two afterwards! CHEERS!  Join us and let's get you started!!!  I'd love to help YOU make money, get healthier, and help OTHER PEOPLE get healthier (or wealthier!)  It's not at all about "selling" products or the business to people; it's about educating people and helping them, in more ways than one, if possible! 

I cannot wait to hit Nashville, Tennessee in just a few weeks! We have our Global Conference there this year, and we are going to learn so much about our products and how to share them with people in our lives (or our friends' lives)! Plus, we're rolling out new products to add to our line, and we get to work out with Harley Pasternak! How cool is that! *(and it's a business write off!)

 (excuse the bright eyes!)

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