Saturday, July 06, 2013

Happy 4th of July and then some.....

Hoping that you and your family and/or loved ones were able to enjoy your Fourth of July holiday! Because we've been on the road so much, we stayed home and relaxed. A little bit.  We ended up spending 4+ hours with our neighbor and his daughter at their family member's pool.  Lots of fun swimming, relaxing, and enjoying friends. Kyla was able to get some swim time in- and increased her skills quite a bit in one day. Keifer is already a little fish but she dove off the dive board and used the slide into the pool like she had NO fear!
Later, we came home and cleaned up and relaxed, while CJ went to pick up food to BBQ. He made his own Kabobs, chicken and steak, and K2 had a cheese pizza *sigh*. LOL.
He also picked up MN legal fireworks- here is K1 for her FIRST TIME with a sparkler.  She looks about oh, 16 or so? My goodness.
 And K2 with HER sparkler. She ended up getting a little spark on her forearm, so she was scared the rest of the time.  We blew off quite a few "fun" ones to watch. Our neighbors REALLY put on a show, though! It was some good times watching the "real" show in the neighborhood and then we could see the city's firework show over the trees in the horizon.
 Yesterday, I had a meeting for quite some time, and then I picked up the girls to get their toes cut and painted. A little treat and for $5 a piece, totally worth the joy!
 Daddy met us at the nail shop and we drove over to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner; yum! K1 enjoyed her first "nada cocktail"; she was so proud of herself for ordering it and being a 'big" girl, just like her cousin Abby did a few months back.

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