Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Some (most?) days they love each other.....and some of the fun we've had so far......

I will say, this summer the girls and I have been together more than ever. This is the first summer they haven't gone to daycare at least 1-2 days a week for a full day. Instead, we're doing camps (half days) or preschool classes, and letting it ride......
We're doing the pool at the gym, the Zoo, the Splash parks, going out of town, jumping on our trampoline, and washing Mama's car!  SO many fun activities this summer!  Although, I do look forward to a day or two in the future that I get to MYSELF- honestly, I don't know if I could be a stay-at-home Mom FULL TIME- I'd have to balance it with my job. I do love helping the kids and family in my line of work, and would feel like that piece of me that is "here" for people, that would be missing.  But I do wish I could work part-time, and enjoy more of these fun activities on a regular basis with my girls! Thank God I have the summers OFF!

Here's some pics of the fun we've been having!
Splash Park with friends, and we bumped into some MORE friends there!
 Did you know that if you go on Thursdays, there is live music! It's fun to pack a picnic and go and rock out, while splashing! (or chasing a 4 year old up and down slippery rocks, for fear of having a heart attack, while she could care less! LOL)
 Big sis comforting little sis, after a huge tantrum at the grocery store. Yeah, I was so mean because I didn't buy a doughnut instead of getting the free cookie *rolling eyes*. Then, it turned into little biting big on the shoulder (when she was trying to comfort her) but luckily, K1 puts up with K2. She told me, "I don't like when she cries!!" Love how Sager is there, too!
 Workin' at the Car Wash!  Yep, the girls helped me! And guess what I used?
 I used the Basic H, that I rave about! Cleaned the OUTSIDE of the car, the inside, and it was SAFE! Yep, love the stuff!
Trip to the MN Zoo - Love that we have a pass and can go for "just a little bit"
 Off to the Bird Show (we brought our neighbor friend with)
 How tall are YOU?
 Bear Cave!
 Splash pad! Yes, K1 sticks her head INTO the sprayer!
 Thank goodness the glass is there! I love the bear exhibit!!!!
 Free movie Wednesday!! Today it was Alvin and the Chipmunks! So much fun!
 Message me what YOU'VE been doing!!!!

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