Sunday, July 14, 2013

All in a day's play....

The annual Pan O Prog festivities is here again in our town.....and it wouldn't be fun without games and activities for the kids! These are just a FEW of the snap shots I got, of course, I didn't get any of the kids while doing the actual activities.....and then we were in the Parade this year! We helped our neighbor as he was promoting his golf course that he manages.  I sat on the float and held onto Kyla; K1 and her friends and about 10 or so of our friend's teenage nephews/nieces and friends handed out (threw) candy and coupons for golf. It was so much fun!!  The girls have been exhausted, to say the least......
Friday, I took the girls and our neighbor girl /friend to what we call "airplane park" for the "ping pong ball drop" - they literally drop (from a crane this year) hundreds of golf balls, and all the kids trample each other to retrieve them. LOL.
Keifer and her friend were somewhat successful, then we waited in a long line to turn the balls in: for quarters.  We also watched a cute puppet show, ate free Popsicles, and then headed to the park, where we used to play years ago when we lived nearby.
Keifer was loving life.
And so was K2! 
Love this! You can tell it was windy out. But beautiful!
 Why yes, I'll stand with a chicken!
 Later, there was the Fun Fair (bouncy houses, activities, sugar, food, kids everywhere, Cruise Night, sugar....)
Our neighbors joined us with their kids, and our friends from daycare, with Cooper, came down to join us. Cooper was in girl heaven with all the ladies doting on him!
 I'm not sure if anyone got pictures of us actually IN the parade, but this is what the float looked like, and the second picture is as we turned onto mainstream and stared down (literally) thousands of people! WOWZA!

Until next year, this family is TIRED....and we barely did half the activities! LOL

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