Monday, June 10, 2013

One year ago- the Bisch Bash recap!

It is impossible to believe (for me) but it was exactly ONE year ago at the end of THIS month, that we visited Grand Rapids (up north) and spent the day at the Bisch Bash! Whoa!!!
We had SO much fun with our friends!
If you are in the area, I highly recommend you take the time to go up, spend some $$ on the amazing auctions, run the race (s), and just hang out. It's a great fun place for kids and adults, alike. Our girls LOVED IT - and Keifer especially liked jamming out to the Adult music at the end of the  night! (LOL)
Here's the pics!
Kyla was ready to hit the party!
K2 and Jameson, loading up the car! (van)

Cooper and Kyla are 2 weeks apart- me and my friend Pegs love this!

Family pic!
Keifer likes to be in charge of the littles
and she loves Superman ice cream! *um, not me!*
Action shot of the girls shaking their booties!
The crowd enjoyed the band, but they also enjoyed my girls shaking it up, too! LOL
Oh yeah, she's a rock star!

This picture is my absolute favorite, ever! My girl showing her true colors! ROCK ON, Keifer!!!
The next day, K1 and Jameson hanging out w/the electronics
but poor K2 had heat stroke (vomit city, and no energy). Poor girl. She recovered, but after me and her had to spend the day back home, alone, while the others spent the day out on a boat in the lake!

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