Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun in the Sun Reunion: Long time Friends

A few weeks ago, our good friends (who moved to Fargo in the Fall) were home for a weekend of whirlwind visits.
We've been friends with Brandt and his family since he and Keifer were babies at daycare together! Amazing! AND....Keifer and Mazzy met long ago at Baby Ballroom, eventually ended up at daycare together and today, MY girls consider HER girls among their "best" friends :)
I told CJ after we had our visit last week, we sure are LUCKY- lucky to be blessed with some amazing friends/families in our lives.
Here is Keifer and Mazzy, smothering Brandt with love and kisses. Yes, they miss him!
Lined up! Brandt, Alyse (she looked so old already!), Keifer, Gabby, Mazzy holding her baby brother and Kyla
Silly face time!
Memories (cue the music......)
Keifer is in the Red Outfit and Brandt has his back to us. AMAZING they were this little once!
 Some random memories of Daycare with their friends!
 Keifer and Mazzy, a few years ago!
 K1 and Mazzy in April of THIS year
 And same dress for Keifer, but fitting a bit different in May! :)

Keifer and Brandt in December, 2009 - with Papa Joel and Elaine!
 Love birds even back then!
Keifer wanted to add this picture of her and her sissy, in 2009! Aww!!
Recent pictures of our friends Brandt and Alyse- we visited an Apple Orchard with them in September, right before they moved to Fargo
Keifer and Alyse, chomping on some apples!
 the crew
 On the bridge
 B, K1 and K2
 Love this!!!!  Can't wait to show them this at their grad  parties! :)

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