Friday, June 07, 2013

Concert night: The Lumineers

So I've been a huge fan of The Lumineers for over a year. Like, from BEFORE, when they were not "something so big", like they are now. I loved listening to their awesome sounds, and so did/do the girls (in the van).
Myself, me and my Kyla girl love "Flowers in Your Hair" and "Stubborn Love", and of course, both girls and I sing the song, "Ho Hey" (they're my sweethearts, after all!)  I personally think Kyla loves all these songs where you can "oh" and "oohhhh" along with the tunes. 
When tickets went on sale, I had CJ score us a couple (and his brother and sister-in-law) so we were so excited!
And, lucky us, it turned out (last Friday night) to be a gorgeous MN evening- which has been rare this Spring of wet and rain.

Here is a self-portrait of me and my K1 prior to leaving.....
...and me and Auntie Jilly standing in front of one of the tour buses before entering the arena. Yeah, we had a few beers that night, and had a great time!
Silly me, I thought I was taping "Flowers in Your Hair" for Kyla, but it didn't work, so here is a snap shot video clip of "Ho Hey" live!

When I go to concerts, I like to get the Teeshirt!  And Jilly and I BOTH loved this one! "Look, look at that eyeball one!" she told me. What? LOL.  Oh, the EYE chart! We ended up purchasing and it was surprisingly soft and comfortable, unlike most stiff, smelly concert shirts!
Love it!

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