Monday, June 03, 2013

First time to Valley Fair!

Memorial Day, CJ and I packed the girls up and headed to Valley Fair.  We only live about 20 minutes away, and the girls hadn't even HEARD about VF until we let them see commercials about it this Spring. You see, we had an agenda. We received season passes for Christmas this year, from my parents, because basically, the price of 4 season passes (which includes parking, which is $12!), pays for itself in only 2 visits or so. Literally!  This way, we can come and go as we please, and not have the pressure of we HAVE to stay all day because we paid for it! Our agenda? We didn't want K1 to get TOO excited about the park and our passes until the last minute. Otherwise, we'd hear about it! A lot!

Keifer has recently (well, since Disney Land) realized she loves rides. ** (and I just realized I NEVER posted about DL! OMG! Gasp).
K1 used to be terrified but now she's my thrill seeker!
Here we are walking into the park, to get our pass pictures taken!

So the rain didn't cooperate with us. We got onto ONE ride, and the rain, that had held off all day long, decided to let loose. Yeah, not so much fun when you're going on a spinney, tossing ride (which made me so sick, and realize that my thrill seeker days are long retired, boo hoo).  We let the girls go on a few "kiddie" rides.....which they loved...
....and then CJ took Keifer on a few thrill rides because she is tall enough.  Um, Wild Thing? Yeah, she thought she'd like it. She was a "little scared". Her words!
Kyla and I went on the Merry-Go-Round 3x waiting (I thought it was nice and DRY!) but she and I did get antsy waiting for the 2 thrill riders to come back and get us so we could go home and DRY OFF!
This was the first of many trips to VF, I'm sure.
The whole day, I had visions of me and my BFF back in the day (Jess!). We used to come down one time a summer, each year, and bring a friend with us.  It was a HUGE event to come down to "the cities", so I was re-living many memories traipsing around the park with my own girls. 

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