Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yes, yes, more to come....but the bikini.....

SUPER swamped at work and at home, so yes, life is insane. 
More to come.
Keifer has one week left of school and has written (all on her own!) a "BOOK" for her teacher -and has been in tears a few times due to the school year ending.
Kyla finished preschool (Three School) this morning! I didn't think I"d cry. Alas, I did get all teary. *sniff sniff*

But in the meantime, I got this suit from Lands End for my birthday! This color - the top is the top I ordered and the skirt bottom is the one I got. Now I need the month of June (off of WORK) to tone up these flab abs - not too bad, but in definite need of some definition!
It arrived Friday afternoon last week- and it fit! *yay!*

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