Friday, April 12, 2013

The Birthday: age 6

Our girl woke up, and after seeing her new T-shirt  she went downstairs, where she found a picture of the trampoline she'll be getting (along with her sissy) and her new doll, Sadie. She loved her.
We all had our places to go-school, daycare, work, work, the chair to watch the street for intruders. Hee hee. I brought Sadie to my work, and made K1 a happy birthday girl.  
Yes, I have a very messy desk; a LOT of files and papers. Sadie didn't care.
K1 had a great day at Kindergarten, where she apparently handed out the Tattoos to her friends, as they weren't in her bag at the end of the day.
They did the limbo. She got a special crown. The kids sang to her. She was probably glowing like a light bulb.
We came home, and she had a gift from Elaine, our daycare provider. She called Elaine to thank her, but she was gone, so she gushed to Papa Joel instead.  As you can see, she wore her new Tshirt she receieved that AM.
She hugged her sissy, HARD, and thanked her for the card she had made her. Our K2 is such a sweet, giving little soul. She was as excited for her Sissie's birthday as Keifer was! Keifer told her "you're the best sissy in the whole world!" My heart melted!
Then we packed up and met CJ and the other Soup family at our favorite spot, Teresa's. We go there EVERY YEAR.  I made our girl take her annual picture as close to the birth time as possible- we missed it by an hour this year!
So does another family! We see them every year, for the last 3 years. I even blogged about it the first time we celebrated. However, K1 wouldn't pose with the other girl this year, due to possibly being so emotionally overwhelmed?
 Grrr. We parents chatted and laughed, and agreed we might be there in 20 years, celebrating once a year with them. They are so sweet....I hope we see them for a long time!
We chatted, laughed, and had a grand old time. Keifer had a blast with her cousins and telling her Auntie and Uncle all about her big day.
The staff came and sang to Keifer and she wore the sombrero for the sake of pictures. 

Kyla tried the hat on, and tried to play coy with me. I know better. LOL.
After this, we all went home and pretty much passed out.
But, not without trying to call and get in touch with Wy-guy- K1's birthday twin. He was turning 7 and we played a lot of texting and voice mail, singing/saying happy birthday to each other, but we still haven't connected.  We will.

Whew. Another year, another momentous day.
Wait. There's more...and it's coming after this weekend! More party time! Whoa!!


Mrs. Schreifels said...

Keifer is, time flies! It looks like she had a wonderful day! I've been working on our summer calendar today, and I hope we can find a time to hook up with you all! Thinking of you!

Queen Bee said...

Happy Birthday to Keifer! Looks like fun was had by all! Hope we can hook up this summer!

Queen Bee said...

Happy Birthday to Keifer!! Beautiful girls! Hope to see you all this summer!


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