Friday, April 12, 2013

She's 6! Six years old! Seis!!! HOW?

Our angel girl - our Keifer girl- turned 6 years old this past Wednesday.  I say it all the time, but I honestly cannot believe how fast the time has flown by.
She's almost done with her first year of "real"school- all day Kindergarten. She is an intense, emotional, super intelligent, reader, love bug, hug giver, dramatic, music loving, awesome sister of a girl.
I picked and chose a few pictures from through the years to throw into this post.  It is unbelievable to me.
I even forgot to make her doctor check up appointment! Yes, me! Who is always on the ball!  We have it scheduled, but I know she's grown a ton. This girl is bigger (in Kindergarten) than I was in the 2nd grade! Her hair grows so fast, I can hardly believe it, and she's beginning to bite her nails (no no no!).  
We had dinner out with CJ's brother, his wife and the cousins on Wednesday night. 
The night before her birthday, Keifer instructed us that she wanted to wake up on the morning of her birthday and have the house all decorated!
We did what we could. We threw up the HAPPY BIRTHDAY letters, that we found in our decorations box, and put out her gifts from us.  I put one sign up on the sink in the bathroom,where she takes her shower in the AM. It said, "Happy 6th birthday, Keifer, we love you!"
 I put a brand new Hello, Kitty T-shirt next to it.
We also gifted her a new doll. Now, because she is NOT INTO TOYS or dolls, for that matter, but she keeps insisting that she wanted a doll "so badly", I bought one from Target. An "Our Generation" doll. 
She loved it. She loved it so much, I got to bring it to MY WORK that day, as she sobbed when she couldn't take it to school.
We also told her and her sissy that we will be getting a trampoline in the back yard this summer. 
For mom's sanity, more than hers! LOL 

6 Years old: Valentine's Week
In the snow: March, Duluth, 2013
Duluth, March: 2013
Newborn: May, 2007
Cuddles with Mom: 22 months old!
22 months old
2 years old, Thanksgiving, 2009
3 years old, May, 2010: with Wyatt, her BIRTHDAY TWIN!
Summer, 2012
Summer, 2012, Branson, MO
1 day old: April 2007
On her way to her home, April, 2007

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