Friday, April 22, 2011

New birthday twins?

The above girl is not a birthday girl (yet). She was trying to copy the three girls you see below- in posing at our favorite restaurant, Teresa's, on Keifer's actual birthday a few weeks ago.

The girls below? They were seated in the booth directly behind us at Teresa's, and we overheard them as they were getting done eating and posing for some apparent BIRTHDAY PICTURES! We overheard them comment on it being one of the girl's birthdays!! The little girl on the right of Keifer- she turned 5 on the same day Keifer was turning 4! And she also had a little sister along with her, just like us!
The 4 girls became instant best friends, the only kind you can become when you are this age, and all that you know is that moment and that person. The 2 birthday girls loved having a shared birthday, and the younger girls enjoyed finding someone other than their older sister to devote some time to! In fact, the other younger sister, she confidently took Kyla by the hand and led her to the front of the restaurant to watch the fish in the fish tank.
The girls all enjoyed a few minutes watching the beloved fishies in the tank, and we chatted with their mama for a bit about our deliveries 5 and 4 years prior. *sigh*. Ahh, memories! What a fun birthday night for my 4 year old!

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TheKirCorner said...

oh my , those girls are getting sooooo big and so beautiful. I love K1 smile, she makes me giggle just looking at her grin. :)


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