Monday, April 01, 2013

Little House

Last month, I took out a big bin of old books and items that I used to have on my bookshelf in MY bedroom growing up. It brought back so many memories to be reacquainted with many books; books that I had completely forgotten about, but just seeing their covers produced a swarm of memories. Memories of sitting in my bedroom for hours, reading and daydreaming about the stories.
I was a big fan of the Little House on the Prairie books. I think I read and re-read them hundreds of times. I remember liking some better than others, although I can't recall the details of them all that much.
I took them out of the bin on our snow day last month, and put them on the counter. The girls were immediately intrigued by them.  They also had stickers with my name on them (ahh, decorations!), so that fascinated them; that their MOM had stickers with HER name on them, and "oh, look what she did!"

I took out the first book in the series, and began reading the first chapter to the girls, both snuggled on my lap on our love seat.  I quickly realized that the book was FULL of information that my girls did not understand, and there was a lot of talk about hunting, death and "real life". My girls were not that impressed with the book, even with my careful editing.  Kyla did seem a wee bit more interested in the story than Keifer did, but then again, Keifer passed out cold, and was snoring. My bad for reading it too late in her night.  Kyla apparently was very interested in the fact that the sisters also had a "Bulldog named Jack", and she has since talked about that Bulldog quite often!

After having the books out on a table for a week or so, I realized that Kyla had been taking them up stairs and wanted me to read to her from the different books. She really has a great interest in books that don't have pictures, which both surprises me and delights me. She really is our "imaginative" one of the two. Keifer likes to listen but prefers pictures to dissect.

The beloved and well-worn books!
 After realizing that me, myself, was having a hard time keeping the stories exciting enough for a 3 year old, I happened upon (lucky me) a copy of a book that I had ordered from my hundreds of Scholastic book orders, years ago! It was a LITTLE HOUSE book! Yee-haw! It was one called A Little Prairie House.  Whoa, Nelly, did Kyla enjoy THIS book! So much, that she pointed out that the back of our book had pictures of many OTHER books in this "My First Little House Books" series.
Mama quickly got on the computer and put on on hold at the library (the only one I could seem to find, which surprises me)

I picked this one up at the library off of hold last week, and Kyla has insisted we read it every night, and sometimes two to three times!  
I love that she loves the stories, and I'm also thankful that they are sure to include that Jack, the bulldog! I'll be peeking around for the other stories, so that might make a good birthday idea for my Kyla girl- who turns four in another month. Hmm.....

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