Thursday, March 28, 2013

K2's First Day!

So bad mommy moment number ?:  I forgot the camera when we brought Kyla to HER very first day of "Three School" in September. So I asked another mommy, who was snapping pictures with her Iphone, to please please please take a few of my littlest girl standing in line.   And this is what I've got for ya: My little Kyla, dressed in her blue dress, lining up like a very good listener with Ms. Val in the background.
She LOVES school. Like, LOVES IT.  She goes 2 days a week, in the AM only. CJ drops her off and I had her go to a preschool in the district that I teach in; I run over and pick her up when it's done, and in a flash, drop her at daycare at Elaine's and then back to work I go.
She has a phenomenal teacher, Ms Jeni, whom I wanted to teach at least one of my girls in their preschool years!
Next year, we've got her signed up for our own school district's amazing program, and she couldn't be more excited! Our baby girl is not such a baby anymore!

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Fran said...

She looks adorable! I have so many photos that were taken by friends or my mom because I was constantly forgetting my camera. Then I got a phone with a camera but it was never charged. It took me a couple of years to get it all together.


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