Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Eggs

I thought I'd share the beautiful Easter "eggs" that the girls and I made in Sunday school about a month ago. We made them with small balloons, flour and water, and different colored thread.  They turned out gorgeous- I'd highly recommend them for a project for next year!
Keifer set our mantle up all on her own, so I thought I'd highlight it. This picture is from my Instagram account- I can't figure out HOW to post pictures from Instagram onto my blog here. Anyone? Help me?

Anyhoo, K1 got out a chair, and used our Willow Tree angels to hold up the beautiful eggs, and she also proudly displayed the rainbow she had made one day after school at Kid Zone.  This was the extent of our Easter decorations this year, as we didn't really get into the Easter "mode" until the last few days.  It was hard to, with the snow and cold temperatures here.  Blah, huh? LOL

Hope you had a wonderful Easter. I'll share some pictures soon from our Egg Dying night!

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