Monday, March 25, 2013

So last June.....

We found a new Swing Set on Craigslist.....Daddy and Uncle took it apart, carted it home, and Daddy spent 2 whole weeks (OCD?) power washing and then re-staining it. To say the girls love this is an understatement! It's a blessing!!! Now we need a trampoline this summer....for all the ENERGY Keifer has...

The girls visited the Dentist; Kyla for the first time. She did GREAT!  Keifer was a beaming big sissy and tried to explain every little thing to Kyla prior to whatever the Hygienist did.  No X-rays this time, but she let the Hygienist count her teeth and clean them a little bit!

Big sissy taking her turn. The girl loves doctors and dentists; she has such a curious mind and questions EVERYTHING!  And yes, I brought our own sunglasses-for some reason, our dentist does not provide them.
The girls discovered our old Baby Legs- Keifer wore these as an infant, as did Kyla a few time! Needless to say, they are a big small on our K1 now!
Kyla kept calling them "leg huggers"
A rare picture: Keifer passed out at 5PM on a Sunny, busy day!
The girls got into bed together one early day and cuddled.
Both girls took a few Preschool classes, here and there, during the summer. This was their first class last June:  Keifer proudly posed, but Kyla didn't want to! LOL It was Kyla's first ever Preschool class (as she had just turned 3 in May) but she did AMAZING! She loves school!
A year ago, Memorial Weekend. We were at the Como Zoo!
Last Father's Day, at the MOA! Keifer's fave spot on Earth!

Walking hand-in-hand!

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