Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random shots....

So before I post anymore about how this year is it's Keifer's first year of Kindergarten (oh so much to say about THAT) and Kyla's first year of Preschool ("Three School" she'll tell you), I"ll  share with you a few random pictures I found on my work computer, that I don't think were shared on here!  These ones were from the summer, I think?

 Cuddles at Papa and Nana's house
 Nana Di enjoying her Birthday last August in Branson, MO. This is Mike Walker, an Impressionist that blew us away with his comedy "one man" show. Amazing man! Di was giddy!
Yep, we hit Branson, in one fell swoop last August. It was SO much fun! The girls are asking to go again!
 Cuddles on the love seat. Although they get along about 85% of the time, both girls are starting to test their limits with each other. Mainly limits on VIOLENCE against siblings. I've resorted to occasionally telling them to hit each other back. Ahh, the joys of parenting! LOL
 Last August: Auntie Steph and Uncle Darren got a BABY! LAYLA is her name!
 My kids lined up with the Duluth Mayor's children, doing crafts. I crashed one of the High School's 20 year reunions. *giggle* I went to Junior High with quite a few of the classmates, so I went as a "Date" with one of my old pals.  It was SO much fun. And yes, I graduated with the Mayor (well, same year)
 Our Last Duluth HURRAH at the end of last summer. Ahh, shorts are so fun to see. Dinner at Little Angie's in the Canal.  Our favorite location in Duluth (the Canal). One of THE most beautiful places on earth, I do believe (Duluth, MN). If you haven't been yet, let's chat. Let's get you up there THIS summer. I say book now for August-it gets crowded!
 The girls finding rocks and sticks and stones in the water/on the beach at Park Point.  Talk about COLD water! This is Lake Superior!
K2 hung a lot with Papa Dale. 
 My own High School's 20 year Reunion. This is an assortment of my fellow ELEMENTARY school classmates. Twenty years later, I think we were all looking pretty damn good!

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