Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Under a Shady Tree (or not)....with Laurie.....

I forgot to post that this past Summer, we got to attend the Laurie Berkner  concert, right here in Minnesota. It was on a HOT and muggy Sunday, July 8, at the Basilica in Minneapolis.
We started out under a shady tree, but that quickly moved to the hot, hot sun, where Keifer wanted to hang out, practically onstage, and dance and sing.  Kyla really didn't care too much, but Keifer and her buddy Mazzy, along with me monitoring, we went down as close to the front as possible.
Keifer even made it to Laurie's home Face Book page -on the cover- little arms raised in the air!
Aftewards, we waited patiently, my K1 and myself, to meet Laurie. Keifer never made a peep, and we were one of the last families to be able to meet Laurie, as she had a plane to catch!
Kyla snuck in, and we were able to smile and chat with Laurie. What a blast we had! A great summer memory (now as I publish this in March!) LOL.

Can you tell how hot it was by our flushed faces and sweaty hair?
Here is the picture that appeared on Laurie's home page on Facebook.
Look smack dab in the middle of the page. You see the girl with HER left arm up, with a fist pump, and she's wearing a colorful dress (see picture above for dress). That's our Keifer girl- partially hidden by some man's arm. How cool!

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