Wednesday, March 20, 2013

...and a few more of this winter......

May as well add a few more pictures to the ones I have on my computer, but broken up into "Seasons". The first one here, is from the end of September, when we traveled to an Apple Orchard with our good friends (who moved away to Fargo, sob).  This is our family picture! 

 We took the girls to "Disney on Ice" a few weeks ago. We saw the "Worlds of Fantasy" show. It was their surprise gift for Valentine's Day. We haven't ever ventured into the world of Ice shows. It was hit (for Kyla, at least). Keifer liked it, but I saw her attention wandering....they did enjoy the outfits and popcorn. And oh yeah, the $15 cups we could purchase with frozen ice (and take home). Glad I had that tip of how much the cups were PRIOR to entering the show! The girls used their own Piggy Bank money to buy these!

 This was prior to the Daddy & Daughter Dance at our Lifetime Fitness in February. How old do you think Keifer looks? I was shocked. She is only 5. *sob* I just had her! My baby girl looked so old that night. So mature. I curled her hair (so much of it), and did a little light make up. She was thrilled with the attention! This is her "church dress", that she feels she should wear on fancy occasions!
 K2 practicing some moves prior to the dance. K1 had been trying to teach her how to curtsy, just like a real Princess!
 Ready to go with daddy! I think Kyla was trying to look like Princess Sofia The First, whom she is in love with!
 K2 helping me clean. This girl is a hoot. A friend at church made this "cupcake" hat for her (K1 has a purple one) and she would NOT take it off for a few days. This Princess Aurora sweatshirt is way too small, yet she wears it pretty much every day! (*Disney must love us!*)
 She has a mind of her own!
 My fur kids! How I love thee! My Tboy is about 10 years old! *sniff* We had a rough patch in February with him. He got really sick out of the blue, and we couldn't  figure out WHY. After a few weeks of being sick on and off, the vet now thinks it might be Thyroid related. So poor Tboy is on more meds for that. The girls love their fur kids. 
 Playing in the front yard with a good friend/neighbor on MLK day. 
 Mama snow blowed the driveway on our first and only "SNOW DAY" of the year a few weeks back! I think I did a darn good job, for my first time, huh? 
 K2 giving her Auntie Steph hugs. She adores her aunties and uncles. 
 And the latest and greatest. K2 this past weekend, after battling a fever for 4 days. She put up a good fight, but the fight caught up to her on Saturday and she had runny eyes. She's had GI/Digestive issues, and she told me:
 "Mama,  the tears from my eyes are going all the way to my bum,  they are making my bum worse"
Poor girl. Everything relates to her bum or her "bad poo" these days. Will explain all that soon!

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