Monday, May 07, 2012

Keifer takes a time out

We have a unique girl in our K1, in that she has a VERY hard time regulating her behavior: (read: EMOTIONS) and it's hard to get her to take a break to calm down.
However, since school began last Fall (preschool),she's been starting to take breaks in our play room/office area. I think she thinks she's a little bit of hot stuff in there.
It was quite comical to me (laughing inside) to have her come stomping out with the note pad, to ask me how to spell " no coming in".  She spelled it out (in picture 1), and then laid on the love seat, and took her break. It was actually quite nice for all of us.
She later added "except for MOM" to the note, but by that time, I had so many things going on since it was bed time, and didn't get to take a break with her. However, I think we need to do more of these around here!

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