Friday, May 04, 2012

TGIF- Odds and Ends

An eclectic collection of pictures from here and there.

Below, sissies in K2's bed; can you tell it was Daddy's turn to put K2 down? :)
 Papa's biggest fan: Tboy.  Treble is insane about Papa!
 K2 playing with the collection of cars that Nana Di put out last month in Duluth.
 Daddy's favorite helpers (er, shadows?)  Doing work in the garage......
  Kyla forgot her pants! She thinks tights should be considered pants! LOL
 This girl loves her ICarly shirt she rec'ed for her birthday!
 Date with daddy!  LUNCH! 
 Kyla dragged all these chairs into the house for a birthday party for her baby....
 ...we even got to sing to Cindy (Cinderella baby)!  Complete with (notice) tablecloth (blanket) and a miniature candle from the dollhouse!

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