Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Kyla's first Hair Cut!

Lunch at Target, what could be better? Oh, I'll tell you: Kyla won't take off that leotard that I got at a consignment sale for $2! Best  $2 ever spent! 
Nana had JUST bought the girls new sunglasses at Fleet Farm, and although it was raining outside, movie star K2 wouldn't take hers off inside!
Since K1 was getting a hair trim, we thought maybe K2 could have HER first hair cut! It was doing that long, wispy, comb-over thing!
Suprisingly (or not, if you know her), K2 had no qualms about getting into the chair, popping a sucker into her mouth, and letting the stylist work on her head.
Small smiles at Mama's gushing!
Movie star is all ready for her close up!
And here is big sissy, after getting her hair cleaned up. We've decided to keep it short and stacked- because she likes it better short, and her hair is SO thick in the back, that the under layers are kinky with curl.  It's not an ideal hair texture for growing out long, so why fight it? Plus, as you can see, she is pretty darn adorable with this style! DRAMA girl! :)

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Heather said...

Beautiful girls!!!


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