Friday, March 09, 2012

Small Wonder -she loves the (pre) school!

Our big 4 year old started Preschool this past Fall, and it was no surprise that she loves it. I mean, adores it. I mean, can I tell you, she LOVES SCHOOL?

Yep. I wish we had done it sooner, but we keep busy enough with always being on the go, going to daycare full time, having dance and swim classes last year, and now living in a neighborhood FULL of children her age (and so many GIRLS!).

Because CJ and I both work full-time and the school we chose is in our home school district, it was going to be a challenge to figure out her drop off and pick up times. I teach, and it's really hard to be flexible and work 30 minutes away. Luckily, the school helped with that, when we got a call in the late summer, asking if we'd consider doing a car pool situation. Um, YES!

So CJ worked it out that he would go in late on K1's school days- T/TH's - and pick up a little boy at his daycare to bring to school. This boy, who is a doll, his parents are teachers in our home school district, and get off sooner than we do (of work). The mom picks up Keifer and her son, and then she watches K1 at her home until I can get off work, pick up K2 at daycare and fly down to pick Keifer up - usually around 5PM or so. It has worked out great, and we are so lucky, thankful and blessed to have been connected with this wonderful family. They have 4 boys, and Keifer fits right in at their house after school. So much, in fact, that the mom had to ask us to please send an additional bag of snack for Keifer, as she kept asking and asking for snacks! *blush*

I will be honest, though. She does get tired. Extremely tired. So tired, in fact, that I have come to expect her to just lie on the floor at night on T/TH's, crying, screaming, "in pain" because her head hurts (from her crying and getting emotional). But hey, she does well at school, so it's an adjustment, right?

And I'll also be honest, that when we had conferences in November with her teacher, and she told us how polite, well-mannered, and how many friends K1 has, we asked if this was the same girl we see at home? She so has 2 sides to her! Thank GOD she is keeping herself together at school. And I know she is learning, because she comes home from school singing, interested in spelling things, and trying to write out words she hears. I am so happy she is so excited to learn! She even loves to try MATH in her head - we're getting there!

Next year, she'll be in Kindergarten and we just found out, we got "in" the lottery for FULL DAY Kindergarten (HURRAY!). We are so excited about this.

Here is a picture of K1 and her car pool buddy on their FIRST DAY of school!

2nd day of school!

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