Friday, March 09, 2012

A very Merry Christmas: Santa!!!!

Here are some pictures we have of the girls with SANTA this year. Santa in March, I'm really way behind! LOL
We took the pictures with Santa at the Duluth Mall, over Thanksgiving break. The girls, my mom, and myself were meeting my friend Katie at the mall (where she now rocks as the GM!!), and we happened to pass SANTA and his display, and NO ONE was in line. I mean, it was the Saturday after Black Friday and there was NO LINE to see Santa? WHAT? Unheard of.
Unfortunately, as you can see, Kyla had passed out while we were getting K1's hair trimmed up, so she missed out on the actual Santa fun, but I don't think she would've minded. She proved to be scared of him later at another party! Keifer, however, astonished my mom and me, when she pranced UP to Santa and started telling him that she wanted a piano for Christmas. She was quite social and chatty and Santa was a true gem. I loved the pictures! FUN!
And no, she didn't get her piano. Instead, her and her sister got electric guitars from Papa Jim and Nana Marge, and Santa brought them toy drums, musical instruments and FRESH BEAT BAND Tickets (which she also asked for, at the seed of Mama planting.....)

Keifer with Rudolph at the Duluth Bentleyville Lights Display
The girls- Mrs. Clause, me and K1
The "professional" picture we bought

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