Friday, March 09, 2012

Zoo friends

These are pictures from the end of the summer- one of our LAST HURRAHS before Mama went back to work. Of course, looking at these in the beginning of March is making my heart beat a bit faster, with excitement for the coming months of summer ahead. It is going to be SO fun to have the luxury of going to the zoo or meeting good friends out to play, and not worry about work. Yes, I'm a teacher counting the days again!

Here is K1, scrambling across the rope bridge at the MN Zoo's play area.
Kyla following in K1's footsteps
Mama and K2 pretending to FISH in a boat
The girls with one of their dear friends, Teah, admiring Kyla's fave animal: the cow
The itsy-bitsy KEIFER, on a spider web
I like the cool look of this picture of Keifer and Brynlee, Teah's little sis
Hot girl, ready for a nap
Teah adores Kyla
LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic of forever friends! :)

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