Friday, March 09, 2012

Potty Time

The update on Kyla, as of March 8, afternoon:
she is in and out of panties. We started the potty interest way back in the summer, when she was newly 2. The interest ebbed and flowed. We'd go a full weekend in pull-ups, and when Nana Di bought her Princess panties in October, she spent the whole weekend in them. We had one accident. Then we hit a wall. No more panties or interest in them. She would TELL US in the AM to put a diaper on her.
Then the past month or so, she has been really trying to go on the big girl potty. About a week or so ago,she actually went poo on the potty without prompts. So then, I'll send her to daycare in the AM with panties, only to hear she had 3 full accidents there, and is back into her pull-up. Ahhh. It's so frustrating, but you can't MAKE this child do anything. She has started showing her personality and it's a stubborn "I do it" one.

So. She is almost there. We are slowly but surely not using diapers except overnight. If fact, Tuesday night she had a huge melt-down because she was insisting that she wear her Silver Mist fairy panties to bed. Uh, no. Mama wasn't having any of that. Mama won, Kyla cried, but she eventually gave in.

Let's hope she's in panties and accident-FREE in September, when she will be 3 years, 3-4 months and starting PRESCHOOL 2 x a week in the mornings (gasp).

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