Wednesday, March 07, 2012

K2 - late summer CATCH UP

The following will be a bunch of post that I've had in DRAFT form since last summer. Whoa. It has been some time! No excuses, but all excuses! LOL. Working full time has pushed me into a NO BLOGGING corner and Im' paying for it mentally- I have "blog talk" build-up in my mind!

This was Kyla girl this August, prior to a visit to the store. Yes, back in the summer she had a mind and WILL of her own when it comes to dressing. So I let her wear her swim suit - in fact, she wore it out in public for one long weekend :)

Over heard being said by Kyla, during pretend play, back in the late Summer:
"That my 'tend purse"
Overheard by her while sitting on the potty, as pictured below:
"Mama, mama: come get me. I poopy, Mama. Mama, come get me: chop chop!"

Kyla went through about about a month (October) where all she wanted to do was be a "big girl" and use the potty- we actually had her in panties for a long weekend. When we did Disney in October, she stayed in Pull-ups the whole time! However, we'd have a relapse, and we're back in the diapers. We're not sure WHY, but we're not PUSH PUSH PUSHING her (yet). :) She knows "I wear big girl panties 'go school!"

Here she is on the potty in the late summer, laughing that I would take her picture while she sits. Wow, look at how light her hair was back in the summer!

Here are the sissies, playing late summer with their dollies....Kyla began to fall in love with our Princess Baby Doll Tiana back then ("nana" she calls her)

Below, the picture shows Kyla this summer pushing her Barbie/Loving Family People around the kitchen floor to the "movie theater" (a blank wall under our kitchen bar). She took out the Barbies and had them sit and watch a movie! This girl has QUITE the imagination!
And here she was painting a bird house. Best $1 ever spent is on the wood bird houses at Michael's craft store. It is more $$ just to buy paint brushes and paint for the project! Kyla spent hours just sitting and painting. Lord knows how fast it was for Keifer to do! Ha!

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