Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fun day in the SUN with Friends- Duluth , Part 3

Hey, Cooper, I hear you are the same age as me!?
Yep, Cooper and Kyla are exactly 2 weeks apart! Cooper's Mama is Peggy, a long time good friend of mine from High School /College years. Cooper was also born early, like our K2, and spent a little bit of time in the special nursery as well! I like to say it's fate that they'll be pals, then, just like their Mamas!

In Duluth, Mama got together with Peggy and Cooper, as well as our friend Alicia and her 2 boys, Talen and Soren. Fun was had on the most BEAUTIFUL day ever in the Canal area of Duluth.

Here, Keifer is behind the infamous bridge sculpture and Cooper and Kyla pose.
Silly girl!
Teaching Cooper how to throw rocks into Lake Superior-the most BEAUTIFUL lake in Keifer's eyes! Watch out, Cooper! LOL
Be fearful of flying ROCKS (um, KEIFER!??)
On the bike, ready to ride!!! We all fit- this was the most fun EVER! I suggest you try it when you have a chance!
Kyla & Cooper in the front basket. Me, Keifer and Peggy in front seat (Pegs and I pedaled)
In back, Soren, Talen and Alicia (Alicia pedeled)
Just the kiddos!
Alicia and I switched mid-way as the one on the right could only pedal alone-- it was tough for me! LOL A back view of riding down the path....on the most beautiful Lake Walk/Board walk you can imagine....
Close-up of the Aerial Life Bridge as we biked right by it.....

Oops, the picture of Alicia with my girl and her 2 boys....Keifer LOVED Alicia and held her hand both to and from the place we ate they were exploring a fountain.
This was taken from the bike ride--- you can see what a beautiful place Duluth is.
Splashing on a hot day on the side walk.
LUNCH TIME - where all our kiddos did GREAT!
Pegs, Cooper, Keifer, Kyla, Me, Talen, Alicia and Soren
Back to the cars.... we can drive down the road to the ROCK BEACH - where the kiddos cooled off....Keifer looks cold but she had a ball in the water.
Kyla, well, she did not. She was overtired (no nap!) and exhausted/pissed off. She does cry, people! She was OK!
After: Kyla passed out in the car and this was her after her short nap. Crazy girl! We had SUCH A GOOD TIME!!
Mama and the girls are blessed to have such awesome friends and to have had such an amazing time....Miss you, Pegs and Alicia!!! Soon! Again!

Later, that night, after dinner, Mama escaped ALONE (HA! BLISS!) to the movies again, this time to see Crazy, Stupid, Love. This movie? I LOVED IT! GO SEE IT if you haven't. I love love loved it and have a huge new crush on Ryan Gosling. I've always admired him, but his character in this movie made me swoon. And for the first time, I was not annoyed by Steve Carell, and instead, really liked his in this!

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