Saturday, August 27, 2011

Art Festival/Duluth Depot - Duluth Part 2

On Saturday in Duluth, the girls and I, and Nana and Papa packed up for Downtown, where there was a FREE (FREE!) Art Festival on the streets between the Duluth Depot and Duluth Public Library. There were a lot of activities going on, plus the Depot was giving FREE ADMISSION for anyone that day.
I'm so glad/thankful it was free.
We talked about the Depot and Keifer SEEMED as though she REALLY wanted to go see the trains and walk around. Um, yeah. The trains don't move. She was NOT HAPPY. So, the museum was NOT AS COOL to Keifer as it could've been. Kyla was still a happy camper! LOL. We promised Keifer that we'd take her on the North Shore railroad on she was happy with that....

The other cool thing about the Depot is that I used to work there in High School! It was my first job- I started when I was a junior in high school, scooping ice cream at the ice cream shop, working the gift stores, as well as moving up to the Front Desk. Ahhh, it's crazy how walking into the Depot - the smell of it hit me and I had flashbacks to being in high school. Crazy how that is! Keifer didn't really care at ALL that Mama used to work there! LOL

K1 and "her" Papa Dale
Movie star Kyla, ready to go
Keifer wouldn't pose, so Kyla did w/her Papa and Nana in front of some of the old trains.
Touring some train cars
Walking along the tracks
Mama's girl!
Outside, there was face painting..... Keifer got a Butterfly! How beautiful, just like our K1!
Later that afternoon, while the girls and Papa napped, Mom and Nana went to see the movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. We were so happy to have some time away, together, watching the final Harry movie! That night, we all went out to eat, and had a great time at the Elbo Room in Superior.

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