Saturday, August 27, 2011

Duluth- Part 1- The girls and I visit again.......

These were the girls jumping on Nana upon our arrival in Duluth last month- the last LONG weekend in July (we spent 6 days total up there).
We hopped in the car (after a pile of luggage and gear and the 2 dogs were packed) and cruised up north, excited the whole time! The girls managed to nap some, and then, as we arrived in Duluth, Keifer said the sweetest thing ever when we drove OVER Thompson Hill and we saw our first view of Lake Superior (from the freeway, overlooking the city: "Mama, It's Lake Superior! It's so, so, so....BEAUTIFUL!"
*my heart*
Yes, she said that. This girl makes ME enjoy my time in Duluth 1000 times more than I ever probably would, ever. Period. Her enthusiasm for the beauty of Lake Superior and the fun activities the Canal offers for free has my heart thumping with love for her and her unbridled joy.

So anyhoo. We arrived on a Thursday, around lunchtime. We arrived to puppy cousin, Dio, at our Papa and Nana's house, so the fur kids were all in a tizzy.
The fur kids had a blast getting to know each other, and Treble made sure Dio knew who the "male alpha" was in the house. Then, we had dinner with Aubrie and Auntie Barbara, and went swimming at Auntie's hotel (she was staying in one while her house was being taken apart due to a burst pipe under the foundation - no fun).
We all slept great that night.
Friday morning, we woke up early, as my brother Darren was dropping off Wyatt- his girlfriend's son, who is exactly one year older than Keifer girl. These 2 silly birthday twins have a combustible love/hate relationship with each other! Love, then bicker, love, then bicker. Ahh, how I adore them. Anyhoo, we hung out a bit, Wyatt attempted to play with the dogs, and then I packed up the 3 kids and brought them to my long time friend (of 28 or so years? Say that many years isn't SO!) Jessica's house. She has a lot of kids- so 3 of mine weren't anything! LOL (right, Jess?). They had a BALL with her kids......

K2 letting Nana help her put her sandals on
Wy-guy loving on Sager
Killing some time before we left with Dot Art Markers
Matching sissies, because I like it
The puppy cousins. I love this view of the 3 of them.
Wyatt and Keifer LOVED that Jess has a pool in her yard. They swam with her son Josh, and a few of her girls....
...and also took time outs to jump their little hearts out on their trampoline....
...while Kyla made friends with Jess's younger, Adalayna, who was born 2 weeks BEFORE Kyla.
However, once K2 was in that car, there was no talking her OUT of it. She loves Cozy Coupe cars. Loves them. She sat in this car for over an hour, no swimming or jumping. Just hangin' and chatting in her Kyla way with the other kids.
After we had lunch, we went home and napped. Then, we packed the 3 kiddos up and off to visit Great Grandma Hanson! (No picture of her this time, we have some from our June visit). However, my cousin Lori's son, Austin, was there visiting, so my girls got to meet him again! Here they are posing!

And then my dad (Papa) and I walked the kids across the street to the new Piedmont school- my former Elementary. Well, the city tore DOWN the old school and built a new one. Here, we explored the new playground. My kids, Wyatt and Austin gave it a thumbs -up on fun.

Here comes Wy-guy!
And here comes Austin!
Jess told me she got sick on this swirly thing. Um, yeah, I did, too, and almost vomited. Keifer, however, she loved it. Twirly girl. Just looking at this picture makes me upchuck a bit.
Kyla was blissful with her Papa pushing her in a swing.
First time on a teeter-totter
Don't forget Keifer coming down!
Cousins on a teeter totter!
Whew. It was a hot day. After this, we trekked back to have some juice, because that's K1's favorite part about visiting Grandma. Then, Steph picked up Wyatt and my parents and I took the girls to Superior for some good ol' Shamrock pizza! Yum!

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