Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Duluth- June- 2011

The girls, puppers and I packed up one morning in late June- prior to our move --and headed up to visit w/my parents and some family and friends. It was another whirlwind trip, as it usually it- trying to see and visit family and friends. I'm' hoping to visit more friends the next visit we do - so know that IF I haven't seen you this summer (Duluth friends) - we'll be home for a long weekend again soon! :)

When we arrived, Kyla was so excited to play with the old Fisher Price Airport!

Kyla made sure she didn't walk too fast for Great Grandma - she kept the pace alongside the wheelchair
Cousins! Aubrie, Keifer, Kyla & Wyatt! * and I should explain Kyla- she think she is using her phone to take a picture of ME* LOL
Visiting Great Grandma!
Click HERE for a video clip of the chaos that defined who we were when we were visiting! Music, Ipods, Dancing, Whoa.......
Visiting Mama's good friend Alicia and her boys- Soren & Talen - Keifer called them "wild boys" - LOL - but she was just as wild as them!

Visiting our favorite spot in Duluth- Lake Superior! This was Kyla's FIRST time throwing rocks into the BIG LAKE!

Keifer was a bit crabby once we got down there. I think the HYPE of getting down there tired her out, perhaps?
Doing our pose! Aubrie, Keifer & Kyla
The girls saw a baby crawling in the grass and quickly became friends with her and her family!
Aubrie & Keifer checking out the fountain on the street
Nana Di, Me holding Kyla & Aubrie, Keifer and Auntie Barbara!
Mama's sweaty baby, taking a lunch break
Ready to get back out and walk, with baby strapped in!
Aubrie & Keifer holding hands with Auntie!
Lots of fun was had in the whirlwind trip. Next time, we'll be staying for a longer period of time and have a lot more people to see! It's exciting for my girls and makes me all the more excited when they are so happy to visit. We are hoping to FINALLY take the girls out in Papa Dale's boat when we are home - it's unheard of that my girl is 4 years old and hasn't been in a boat or fishing yet (yikes!). Let's cross our fingers for some more NICE weather and good sleeping nights!

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