Monday, May 02, 2011

Keifer's observations:

A few weeks ago on American Idol, Keifer's favorite pick, Haley, wore a dress that really impressed her. She had fallen asleep on the couch next to me while waiting for Haley to perform: I nudged her when Haley came out, and the first thing K1 said was, "Haley's really rocking out!". Then, as she sat and watched Haley sing for about a minute, she then observed that "Haley's dress looks just like the toucan at Papa and Nana's house."
Um, what? Yep, the girl has some wondrous observation skills:

See the picture? and then compare it to Haley's dress below in the video: My girl has some keen eyes, huh?

In other Keifer musings, she was telling me about her fear of any and all bugs. Yes, she is deathly afraid of bugs, even ones just sitting on a sidewalk! Poor girl. So we mentioned mosquitoes and she told me she was so scared of them, and did I know that mosquitoes also live in India?? I asked her how she knew that, and she replied, "Elaine told me!".

Speaking of India, she also introduced one of her blonde Barbies to me in play, telling me her name and that she was from India. I asked her some basic questions, one being what was her Barbie-from-India's favorite food? Mexican. Of course!


One morning, my voice was froggy after sleeping all night and having been blessed with allergies. Apparently, I didn't sound just right to Keifer, because she stepped back from me and said, "Mom, your voice sounds.....dirty!"


I was eating cornflakes one morning, when Keifer asked for a bite. She liked them, and so she said to me as I was walking into the kitchen, "Mom, I sure like those snowflakes, can you get me a batch?" *giggle*


And , nothing like the honest truth from children's mouths. I was getting Keifer dressed one morning. She started sniffing at my face, wrinkled her nose, and asked me "Mom, are you wearing your mask?" (she often seems me wear my Proactiv Mask and will smell it, as it is a really smelly mask).
I told her no, I wasn't wearing a mask.
She points to my forehead, and says, "well, what is all that shiny stuff there?".
That, my dear, is greasy morning face. Thanks for pointing that out! HA!

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Jamie said...

She seems like such a character!! :) Love it!


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