Monday, May 02, 2011

There is nothing more delightful on a Monday morning.....

...than waking up to your 23 month old, whom you were worried wasn't speaking enough.....singing to herself, some Justin Bieber: "Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhhhh....".

Yes, Kyla Whitney has the Justin bug, thanks to big sissy, K1. It really is quite sweet to hear them sing along together in the back of the van as I drive.


LutherLiz said...

K2 already talks more than E at 26 months. I wouldn't be too worried! :)

Soupy said...

I know, Liz- I shouldn't worry- I was just worried w/all her ear infections and her 'tone " - however, I'm also comparing her to super baby Keifer- who was (believe it or not!) was talking in 4-5 word phrases clearly at this age. It's hard NOT to compare! :)
But - Eddie is a motor genius, right! :)


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