Tuesday, May 03, 2011

She's a 4 year old: Stats!

At her 4 year old check up on April 11, Keifer was (as always) in the higher range for a girl her age. She is measuring:
47 pounds -- 97%ile
42 1/4 inches tall -- 90%ile
She now wears a size 6x or 7 in shirts, and a size 5 or 6 in bottoms.
Her shoe size is 11 on one foot and 11 1/2 on the other. WIDE. The woman who helped us commented on how she has a "wide and thick" foot. (*Hey, it doesn't look too thick to me!*)
At Stride Rite the other day, they gave her a 12 for her sandals. My goodness, I have a large 4 year old. My BAB just keeps on growing! She's currently at the 95%ile for her BMI - and of course,the doc had to give me a handout on "healthy eating" because she's so high on the chart. Plus, she's jumped in height from even December, so she's growing at a fast rate.

She is a healthy and very active (VERY VERY active) 4 year old, who adores her sister and loves her friends and family very much!

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