Friday, April 15, 2011

Wedding bells ring

So way back in October (feels like forever ago!), this happened: Keifer's gash on her forehead. Go ahead, read all about it.
Yep, that was the weekend that Daddy and Uncle Corey's good friend Nick got married - and at a super cool venue, at that! I had to miss the wedding, due to K1's mishap, but was in time for the dinner and super awesome live band they had for the reception, at yet another super cool venue!
I joined CJ, thanks to my Dad driving me downtown to meet up with him (yeah, I felt like I was in Junior High!), and imagine that, CJ was at the bar, chatting up some old friends who have moved out East.

Here we are, being reunited and me looking a bit more dolled up than I did when he left for the wedding!
Here we are with Uncle and Auntie Jill
Here are the brothers with their Mama!
And yes, I snuck in this picture of my dress in it's entirety - pre-wedding. I was a bit nervous about wearing it, as it felt a bit "boxy" to me....but I wore it and enjoyed it!
Mama and Daddy having a picture taken again! Two times in one night! That rarely happens anymore!
Auntie in the super-cool unisex bathrooms! LOL
And Mama, pulling a move/look that I was famous for back in my wilder, college days! LOL
Ahh, what a night. Makes me feel old, when I realize we never get to go out and whoop it up anymore, like we did that night. Do I miss it? Not really. I had a super fun time, and it was fun to get dolled up and have date night with my hubby, and get to dance the night away! But MAN! The next day I always pay for it - and wearing heels really does a number to my body! Makes me feel doubly old! Ha! I'm happy and content to stay home with my girls, dogs and CJ, and cuddle and play and try to catch up on DVR's shows together. That's my bliss, now! :)

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