Friday, April 15, 2011

My 4 year old Birthday Princess

Keifer with 2 of the main men in her life: Daddy & Papa Dale!
Do you know what month it is? It's Keifer Lynn's birthday month! It was her birthday this past Sunday, and we celebrated with family and friends for 4 straight days! Hence, Mama's lack of blogging and sharing ALL THE PICTURES and video clips of our Princess Rock Star birthday girl that we collected.
Last Friday, Papa Dale and Nana Dian swapped cars/van with Mama and picked the girls up at daycare. Keifer had been counting down the days until their arrival / pick up day ("Is today tomorrow yet, Daddy?" she asked last Thursday, the day prior to their arrival. Having them pick her up at Elaine's is one of THE BEST things that could ever happen to this young child. Sorry, Nana, but to say she is in LOVE with her Papa Dale is hardly stressing enough just HOW MUCH THIS GIRL LOVES HER PAPA! She literally hangs all over him, as well as jumps all over him, when he is at our house. Cuddles galore, these 2 do.
So Friday night, we celebrated by going to Teresa's for our annual birthday dinner! It was just the 6 of us that night....more pictures to come soon of that! We had so much fun, and Keifer not only was serenade by the staff (no birthday sombrero hat this year, sadly), but she also got free ice cream and THEN on top of that, shared our traditional dessert, the Fried Ice Cream, which she calls "Friday" Ice Cream. We all gobble that up.
Then we went home and Keifer opened a bunch of gifts from Nana and Papa for her birthday.

Here is our girl, upon arrival of her birthday ice cream treat!
Saturday was quite the day. We had a "Rock Star" party for Keifer (another post to come with the details, pictures, cake, and music lists) at our church. We had her Mickey Mouse themed birthday party (ballroom dancing party!) there last year, and we were lucky enough to be able to use our Fellowship Hall once again , for all 15 or so (yes, I said 15 or so) young children to "rock out!". Keifer was as hyped as could be, but she had the best time. Mama did, too, leading all the festivities, and I was exhausted. Saturday night was spent lazing around and visiting with Aunties and cousin Aubrie.
Sunday was K1's actual BIRTH DAY - so after breakfast, we shopped at the Mall with Papa and Nana for new "play" sandals for both girls, and Nana also purchased them dresses for their yearly pictures (which Mama has to schedule). We had lunch at the food court-which is just SO MUCH FUN for K1 - and then drove home, after a sad farewell to Papa & Nana. K1 then had her dance pictures (dress up for 10 minutes for a pictures in the middle of a Sunday afternoon!), then we hit Cub, and then attempted to eat at The Cracker Barrel- Birthday Girl's choice, as she wanted their mac & cheese for dinner.
Well, that didn't happen. After waiting for at least 20 minutes to be seated, upon being seated, NOT ONE person greeted us. No waters, no hellos, nada. Nothing. I complained after about 10 minutes to the host. Nothing happened. CJ got heated and complained, and as he was gone complaining, the waitress came rushing up, flustered and apologizing that she didn't know we were "her" table. Didn't matter. At that point, Keifer was under our table, crying she wanted to go eat at Teresa's and Kyla had just pooped her pants, and was crying as well. Lovely time.
So we got in the car, headed back to Teresa's AGAIN, and indulged our birthday girl (it WAS the big day for her), and enjoyed Teresa's. More on pictures of ANOTHER birthday girl soon.

Monday at Elaine's (daycare), Keifer brought the M&M cookies she had picked out at Cub the previous afternoon to share with her friends. Silly Mama forgot the Yogurt sticks she also wanted to bring (geesh, Mama!). She was "Child of the Day", which meant it was HER day to be showered with attention, and get to make all the first choices in each activity. Things that she loves. So of course, she had an amazing day. Elaine gifted her with her traditional book and toy, and the kids celebrated with cookies and ice cream. The pictures of Keifer above are of her wearing the crown Elaine made for her.

Whew. We are a wiped out family. Yes, its' Friday and I'm finally getting to the birthday post. Daddy left town Tuesday for his hometown of Grand Forks, to help with the yearly flood that always seems to occur. He is coming home tomorrow, so in the meantime, not only has Keifer been "coming down" from the 4 day birthday attention, but her routine has been altered by only having one parent be able to shower attention on her and her sibling and 2 fur kids, so times are a little rough at home right now. Let's just say we're working on things. Turning 4 is a BIG DEAL, because now she is a BIG GIRL. A big girl, who SOMETIMES likes to remind me that although she is a big girl, she's also a LITTLE GIRL when it is convenient for her to claim so.

More to come soon: I promise. Great pictures, great friends, great family, and great gifts!

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