Monday, October 04, 2010


Ouch is right. We had a jam-packed weekend, full of fun and family. Both sets of Nanas and Papas were in town, and Mama and Daddy had a date night planned for Saturday, as one of Daddy's good friends was (*finally!*) getting married!
More about the weekend in the next post...but onto K1's first "injury" to the head/face area. As Mama and Daddy were LITERALLY packing the car to leave for the wedding (first to the hotel, then wedding), there was a sudden and loud shrieking noise from K1. She had been running around the yard and playing her little heart out with our sweet neighbor boys (whom she has been having a ton of fun with lately- playing with chalk, playing tag, hide and seek, running and rolling around the hills in our yard). All Mama saw was the blood and I got a little light-headed. I am NOT good with blood,so Daddy and the Papas and Nana Di took over. Keifer had somehow gashed her head into the brick pillar on our front porch. There was a nasty cut - that was bleeding all over and it was very hard to determine if the cut was deep enough to warrant stitches or not? We put a ton of Neosporin on it, 2 band aids, and left with Keifer lying her little head on Nana Di's lap on the couch.

After much debate (and circling the car around the block 2 x as we left for the wedding), Daddy dropped Mama back off at home, and he left for the wedding (it was his good friend!). Papa escorted us to the Urgent Care,where we waited about an hour to see a doctor. He was a friendly older gentleman, and Keifer, being the mini-hypochondriac that she is, she loved all the attention he
gave to her new gash. She let him touch it, and check it out, and he told us that we could just let it be, the way it was. He said that we could get a stitch, glue it up, or just put a band aid on it: any of the ways, it is going to heal the same exact way. Whew. So, we decided to let the band aids be our best option.

It got a little scabby with blood, and she finally let me wash the area off this AM - 2 days later! But it is looking much better. This was the story of our first *possible* stitches escapade! I'm sure there will be more to come (hopefully not many!)

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DaisyGal said...

oh sweetie pie...hope that Boo Boo is better by now.

hey Car, I love the new look of the blog, the leaves are soooo pretty!!!!


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