Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A belated April Fool's Joke? Snow?

Yes, SNOW! It snowed here this past Friday night and we awoke on Saturday morning to about an inch of super wet and sticky snow! Keifer was thrilled- Mama not so much. Daddy was out of town helping with the flooding up North, so Mama hauled out the snow suits and boots that she had JUST WASHED AND PACKED AWAY in the closet! *grrrrrrr*

Mama made a very special looking snowman. The snow was so sticky, it was near impossible to mold and let me attach the facial features! Keifer really liked the grass hair do!
A scene of Keifer similar to Peter in The Snowy Day. She really enjoyed rolling her body down, down, down the hill. The snow literally STUCK to her entire snow suit and hat!
Kyla girl was not so excited to be out and bundled up. She (we found out the next day) had a raging (her 2nd since TUBES) ear infection, drippy nose and kept pulling her mittens off! Plus, the wind was COLD!
Keifer, however, was a very happy 4 year old that morning.

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