Thursday, April 21, 2011

K2: 23 months. 'Nuff said.

A few days ago, K2 turned 23 months. My heart skipped a beat as I realized that in one month's time, she will be turning 2 years old. The same age her sister was when SHE arrived early into this world. Unimaginable to me, that K1 was this age as we prepared for K2's arrival.

Following her idol, K1, as the prepare to watch their balloons flying into the air
To us, Kyla is still "a baby". She is using lots of one word utterances and gestures and PLENTY of dramatics to communicate with us. It's sometimes hard for people to understand her "Kyla talk", so I typically will translate for her. Lately, she's been combining 2 words here and there, usually to say, "No, ___" or "clean mess". The girl cannot stand a mess- if we spill some drops of milk or she over looks the living room from upstairs (from behind the gate), she'll get agitated about the mess. Takes after her mama in that aspect! LOL
I've noticed that although she's still in 18-24 month, or 24 month, or some 2T clothing, she appears a wee bit taller to me these days. She's a full season or almost a year behind K1 in the clothing department; I was digging out things that K1 wore at 15 months for her to wear this summer! Her shoe is about a 6 1/2 or 7, and depending on the sales person, it may or may not be wide like older sis.
She adores wearing zip up sweatshirts, and insists upon wearing socks if she's barefoot at home, and has a hard time taking her shoes off. The girl loves her shoes. Shoes, shoes, shoes. I admit, her obsession and difficulty taking shoes OFF makes me a tich nervous. Like, what does that mean?
Here she is with a brand new sweat shirt from Nana Dian. She adored it; couldn't wait to put it on, zip it up and NOT take it off all night!
K1 has some crazy-good fine motor skills. She requests to "color, color" often, and will climb right up into her chair at the table. She does a VERY good job of holding the tools- she has a better grasp of markers and crayons that her sister! Here, she is showing me that she stuck the Mickey Mouse stickers each onto a glass of water. This is called 1:1 correspondence, and it's a higher level skill! Blew me away!

Last night, we were counting something (Barbies, dolls, cars?) and after CJ said "13" , Kyla said "14!" but never said it again. I think there is a lot of knowledge bumping around inside that gorgeous head of hers, and it's coming out in bits and pieces, like her sister! She understands everything we tell her, and thrives on her routine. Oh yeah, and she LOVE LOVE LOVES her sister! *sigh*
Here, she is modeling her "sticker and stamp" tattoos, that she did all on her own!

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TheKirCorner said...

I can't believe she is 2 yet either, WOW...2 years it's been???? How did that happen????

she is just such a gorgeous little girl....I'm sure your heart just swells with all the love and laughter (and tantrums) she brings into your house. xo


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