Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Hotel Play Adventures

The Saturday/Sunday prior to Valentine's Day, before the girls and I celebrated our Princess Tea Party, we had a HOTEL SLEEP OVER that Saturday night! AND: better yet, it was at a WATER PARK hotel!! Yee-haw, did we all have FUN FUN FUN!

Here is Kyla, running around in her new froggie swim suit, and Avery (top left) and Keifer, having the time of their lives!
Saturday was a day of high anticipation for Keifer, as she was eager to be reunited with her friends that we had met up with this past Fall. We get together with my 3 other girlfriends from college (we are all Early Childhood Special Ed. teachers who attended college together and have been amazing friends ever since). Between the 4 of us girls, we have 10 kids, and there is only 1 boy in the mix! WHOA! I always say "poor Jerry now, but in a few years, he's going to be in hog heaven!" LOL.
Keifer is especially fond of Louise's daughter, Avery, who is only a few months older than her, and Kris's Anna and Emma, who are both very close in age as well.
Keifer has talked about playing doctor with these girls for months ("can we go to your friend's house that lives far far away and those girls can doctor me, again?") When she learned we were staying over all night long together and swimming, she was beyond excited.

The girls were all excited to get their suits on and splash around for awhile in the "mini" pool side, designed especially for little kids. It was nutso there, but us Mamas were able to get some chatting time in, at least a little bit! Here, Kyla goes down the little slide, again and again and again! Lather, rinse, repeat!
Later, the adults were up front, and the girls were in the back room of the suite,playing doctor. Keifer was in hog heaven "doctoring" up her friends. At one point, CJ went back to check on the girls, and overheard Keifer pick up the hotel phone (still connected) and say fast, "hurry, hurry, come quick, there's 2 dead people in here!".

Um, OMG!!!!! OMG is right!! I wonder where she ever heard anything like that? I'm thinking perhaps one of the older girls said something about dying (being sick) and Keifer picked up on that. I then made sure both phones within the room were DISCONNECTED! Yikes!
The crew (some of them) eating and laughing/giggling and having a blast!
Daddies in charge? Some of the kids went up to the arcade later and yes, that is Keifer and Avery up on the Skee Ball game!
Best pals forever! Avery and Keifer! Watching them together just melts your heart!
Kyla was very involved with someone's back pack for quite some time that night. She made sure it was zipped, and proceeded to drag it around the suite for awhile.
Later on, she passed out cold in the pack and play in our room. She stayed up to a whopping 9:30 that night. But the big surprise is that Keifer stayed up until 11:30 PM- the latest she has EVER been up in her life. And she did amazingly well!! She was so jacked up on life and joy! It was just so joyful to watch HER, interacting with the girls and having such a good time.
And to really enjoy a snippet of Keifer & Avery, here is a video clip:

There are more clips here - enjoy! There are 5 total from that night!

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