Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Princess Tea Party!

The Sunday night prior to Valentine's Day, our neighbor had a Princess Tea party - well, it was her 4 year old Teah's Party!
Our girls were so excited to get dressed up and interact with their friends that they haven't been able to see since Summer time! Keifer decided she wanted to wear her Fairy Princess wings, and Kyla chose ( I gave her 2 choices!) to dress up as Cinderella.

Teah's Mama, Nicole, had a great set up for the party! Above picture, you can see K1 and Teah decorating their hearts with candy hearts! I'm sure that some candies were snuck in for a sweet treat!

Below, you see Miss K2, obsessed with the babies she discovered in the toy corner. She didn't have much interest for any of the other activities once she had a small one to care for.
But she did, however, decide to decorate a treat bag!
And afterwards, she made sure her baby got her bottle
The Princesses (and older sister) eating their cupcakes that they decorated and drinking their "tea" (Apple juice!).
Trying to get a royal court picture! Such beautiful girls!

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